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Would you believe it if I told you that youth want to be inspired and desire to have adults support their quest in finding their life purpose? Might you also believe that many adults have become dream crushers for our youth? Unfortunately, the concept of dream crushers has become an all too familiar conversation I have had with young people.   So why is it that we give power to the dream crushers oftentimes, leaving our own dreams to go by the wayside?

Over the course of a 10 day period last month, I spoke at five schools in the NYS Capital District, a young men’s treatment facility, a NYS Senate Heroin & Opioid Task Force meeting, a SWAT youth event, was interviewed by Dean Hale from Inside Addiction, and was keynote at the Monroe County Got Dreams.  All of these events found me sharing a message of redemption and hope to over 4500 people and once again being reminded that part of the challenge in maintaining a sense of confidence and self-assuredness is fending off an enemy out there that walks amongst many of us; an enemy that can be just as destructive as the negative stories that sometimes fill our minds and darken our vision. This enemy is in the form of dream crushers.

At one of the events last month, I met a young man who blew me away with his creative talents.  While talking with youth about dream catching, Glenn Tolle shared his definition of a Dream Crusher: A slick, spineless ghoul who tampers with the rigging of your dream, slashes the sails and dismantles the rudder leaving you to the sharks of doubt and despondency. Whoa! Yes a teen wrote this and I could not agree more with his creative expression defining a Dream Crusher!

You see, in my travels, I hear similar stories often from teens; stories of hopes being crushed by the negative words or influence from others.  And more times than not from those who these teens look up to for inspiration and encouragement.   Maybe the discouragement is because the “adult” doesn’t want the teen to be disappointed.  Maybe it’s because the “adults” own dreams were crushed and they have lost hope that dreams DO come true.   Maybe it’s just because the person doesn’t know how to actually be a support for one another’s dreams.  Regardless, my bet is that adult had a dream somewhere long ago that became tucked away in their back pocket because someone else squashed their dream.   There are many reasons someone might decide to give up on their pursuit of a goal but more often than not my assumption is that it is related to a fear based decision rather than a logical one.

Chasing dreams is a topic I have become very passionate speaking about.  After all, it is during the times when I am pursuing a dream, living what I believe is my purpose in life that I find even more motivation and desire to remain sober.  For me, sobriety is the only pathway to turn my dreams into reality!

You see, I don’t believe we are given visions without the ability to somehow make it a reality.  I hope through my work to help others see that the time is now in which we must follow our heart and fulfill our purpose because tomorrow is not a guarantee.   It’s important that we pay attention to whether we are inspiring others or crushing dreams?   Today I choose to inspire others by following my own dreams.   What choice will you make today?

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Super Star, yes, that’s his legal name, is a musician, author and motivational speaker. He was a former owner of a successful, cutting-edge computer consulting firm and lost it to drug addiction.

Today, he lives with a commitment geared toward anti-substance abuse campaigning, encouraging others to overcome obstacles with a creative boldness and live with purpose just as he has.

He is author of The First 30 Days to Serenity and created a rock n’ roll CD, Serenity, about addiction and recovery featuring musicians from the bands KISS, Heart, Goo Goo Dolls and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Super Star presents his inspirational message on Rebranding Sobriety, Personal Responsibility and Dream Catching to teens and adults presenting to school assemblies and community groups. He also hosts a Rockin' Recovery Tour for National Recovery Month featuring music and a message!

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1 Friday, 06 June 2014 22:34
Kris Sherbet
Listen, this guy Super Star is a gem! At first I was a bit skeptic but honestly some of my patrons have actually asked me to make copies of his work to bring home to share with others. Kudos to him! Way to go Super Star!

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