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How many times a day do we utter “I wish I had” or “I should of” or “if only I had” merely to find ourselves the next day uttering the same words? And then what typically happens is the next week turns into the next month followed by the next year and by the time you know it a decade has gone by and we are still uttering and puttering along.

So why do we tell ourselves that we want change and then not take steps to move forward so we can create that change? What is it that holds us back from pursuing what we truly desire? Why do so many of us remain stuck in the endless loop of the Groundhog Day effect?

Well the answer can be summed up in one word. Just one syllable separates those of us who create what we desire from those of us who don't. That word is STORY. Did you know that the story we have formed of ourselves is what can create our next reality?  And oftentimes that story isn’t the full picture; we sell ourselves short.  We believe the messages and tapes we picked up along in the journey of life only to paint a partial picture of ourselves.  And sometimes it isn’t even close to what others see.   So what blue print are you using to tell YOUR story?   Does it promote your dreams and desires or does it stop you from moving forward because of a false perception your have taken on as your truth? The “story” that we allow to fill up the space called our mind is the basis of what is creating our next step.  So why do some of us paint sad scenes or routine patterns while others end up writing an Oscar winning storyline?

Seems so simple doesn’t it?  Because it is.  We can create whatever story we want!

Sadly there are many individuals who are not living the life they desire and believe that they will never be destined to follow their dreams.  And instead live a life that is less than fulfilling with the continued thoughts ruminating in the back of their mind, “I wish I had” or “I should of” and even “if only I had”.

There were plenty of times in my addiction where I believed I would never ever see my dreams become a reality.  The story I was telling myself was that I had lost all chance of creating anything that resembled joy, happiness and peace in my world.   But through sobriety I have come to realize my dreams are real and they are still alive!  And by changing the story in my head that I had come to believe – that I was an addict, a thief, and a liar – I was able to see more fully the picture of who I truly am – a brother, a son, a friend, a companion to my dog, a writer, a musician, a record artist, a coach, an inspiration to others, someone with worth and value.  Today I have the courage and the motivation to take those steps to continue building the story of my life where those “what ifs” will never enter my mind.

Our story that we create for ourselves really can have no limits.  It truly is about the stories we let live in our mind that create our future.  So are you the author of your story?  Or are you letting someone else write your story?   And if you are, what is keeping you from becoming the author of your life?   What do you need to assist you in resuming the writing of your story?   The answers are there if you just keep posing the questions and taking that next step.  And if you remain open those people, places and things that will help you create this story of your dreams will be there.

Bottom line is if you are not happy with where you are at in your life, change your story.   And did you catch the common theme in that last sentence because it’s really all about YOU!  So break out a new set of writing instruments and have fun drafting an epic feature of YOUR life.

About the Author

Super Star, yes, that’s his legal name, is a musician, author and motivational speaker. He was a former owner of a successful, cutting-edge computer consulting firm and lost it to drug addiction.

Today, he lives with a commitment geared toward anti-substance abuse campaigning, encouraging others to overcome obstacles with a creative boldness and live with purpose just as he has.

He is author of The First 30 Days to Serenity and created a rock n’ roll CD, Serenity, about addiction and recovery featuring musicians from the bands KISS, Heart, Goo Goo Dolls and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Super Star presents his inspirational message on Rebranding Sobriety, Personal Responsibility and Dream Catching to teens and adults presenting to school assemblies and community groups. He also hosts a Rockin' Recovery Tour for National Recovery Month featuring music and a message!

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