Brock Travis, PhD

Meditations for Serenity is a set of brief meditations
specifically designed to inspire those in recovery
through the depths & heights of that journey.
It will be presented on a monthly basis as a series -
with each topic as an individual meditation
Copyright 2013
All Rights Reserved
Ojai, California



The first time I taught meditation for recovery I started by saying to the group -
“There is no need to force your body, fix your feelings or fight your thoughts… no need to go to war with yourself at all. If your knee hurts, move it. If your nose itches, rub it. If your feelings are bored, then focus on what’s really happening. If you are upset, then just feel that. If your thoughts won’t stop, then welcome to the human family. Just watch your thoughts for awhile. Just feel your feelings. There’s no need to go to war with your own mind and heart. That’s a no win. Just be with yourself the way you really are.”

I remember noticing that many of the 50 or 60 people in the room were already crying at that point. Weeping! Because they had tried meditation once or twice, couldn’t get their body, feelings, thoughts to be totally silent, believed they were failures, and quit. The point of meditation, if you are seeking serenity, is to come to peace with yourself, just the way you are. If you can simply sit quietly for a moment, even if it is hard, just being present with your own being, no matter how noisy, crazy, busy your feelings and thoughts are, then that’s a peaceful enough moment. That’s a good start on the Way.


Find a tranquil setting.
Take a comfortable position.
Let your breath get deeper.

If a part of your body starts hurting,
then move it a bit & settle yourself.

If your feelings are upset or bored,
then let yourself feel them awhile.

If your thoughts are busy or noisy,
then let yourself watch them awhile.

Meditation is not a competition.
No need to struggle with yourself.

Focus upon whatever
is presenting itself.

Breathe your breath.
Relax your body.
Feel your feelings.
Watch your thoughts.

Try not to go to war
with these things.

There might be
a sense of peace.

There might not.

Keep going.

If even just for a moment,
you are able to be
even a little bit
present with yourself,
then the meditation session
is successful & complete.

About the Author

Brock Travis, PhD has been providing spiritual counseling and advisement since 1991. His work is both spiritual and practical, focused upon answering questions, solving problems, providing guidance and support through life changes. Often experience is the best teacher, so some of Brock's current offerings arose from the care giving and death of a loved one.

After his own “shamanʼs journey,” and the learning and healing it engendered in his own life, Brock found ways to share hard earned and proven ideas, skills and tools to help other people going through challenges, such as recovery, caregiving, transitions, stress, loss, and issues pertaining to health, relationship and direction.

Brock's approach is very much about mindfulness and serenity. He has taught meditation for schools, colleges, churches, centers, rehabs, clinics, hospice and other agencies. His coaching helps individuals and families bring practical meditative spirituality into their busy lives in ways that let them find a peace that works for them on their path.

Brock Travis' teaching and coaching are not religious nor are they clinical. His work is based upon the universal spiritual principles of truth and love, wisdom and kindness, honesty and respect.

Brock Travis, PhD - Guidance & Support through Life Changes This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 805-320-6079

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1 Friday, 13 March 2015 10:51
Karen Irby
Would it be possible to get a copy or go to a website to access the entire series?

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