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Volume 13 Number 3 - Publication of the Institute of Chemical Dependency - March 2008

March 2008 - The Real Secret - A New Approach to Improving Recovery from Addictions

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by Rita Soman

You’ve done the talk therapy. You’ve done affirmations, positive thinking, and read all the self-help books. Willpower too often seems like ‘won’t power’. You’re still not where you want to be. The only thing left out is your subconscious; the part of your mind that stores the beliefs programmed during your childhood, that may be imprisoning you as an adult.

Rita SomanOur lives run on autopilot, we automatically repeat the same habitual patterns every day. From health to phobias, from relationships to career, recovery from addictions or athletic performance, our lives are running on out-dated beliefs and perceptions. As a result of past negative programming, we often think and behave in self-defeating ways.

You possess the power to make your dreams come true.

You have more power within you than you were ever taught or led to believe. Too, your external life manifests itself according to your internal programs and patterns. Anyone and everyone can learn the specific techniques taught that reconnect the magic of science and inner technology, bringing personal empowerment into our everyday lives. Not everyone knows that the human mind is programmable and even fewer people know how to program the mind because they don’t understand how the mind acquires and stores its programs. Utilizing the techniques of a process called PSYCH-K® (psychological, having to do with the psyche; mind, soul, spirit; and kinesiology) you will learn how to unleash the power within you and create a life that reflects the very best you!

We have unimaginable potential just waiting to be unlocked.

The ‘Real Secret.’

Studies in neuroscience show that we set goals using approximately 5 percent of our consciousness, while the subconscious mind, which makes up around 95 percent of our consciousness, houses outdated beliefs that can sabotage our goals. The processing capacities of the conscious mind is at 40 bits of information per second and compare it to the 40 million bits per second of the subconscious. If the conscious mind desires a goal the subconscious mind disagrees with, guess which mind usually wins the contest!

“The missing link between good intentions and effective actions is the ability to align subconscious beliefs with conscious goals,” adds PSYCH-K® originator Robert M. Williams, MA.

The latest mind/body research shows that beliefs can be toxic in a similar way that certain foods and chemicals can. There is a direct connection between your thoughts and your body’s chemistry. In fact, there are actually beliefs that are immune enhancing and immune suppressing. Most importantly, these beliefs are usually below our conscious awareness, at the level of the subconscious mind.

This is a powerful tool for “moving” ideas from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind where they can become new habits of thought and behavior. PSYCH-K® isn’t about choosing for people what to believe, but rather helping them to congruently believe what they choose. When the conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement, magic happens! It identifies and communicates with three distinct, yet interactive levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious and the super-conscious, and integrates them into becoming a unified consciousness.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

“PSYCH-K® is a simple and powerful process that engages the 90% of the mind most all transformational processes entirely ignore; it even affects the way DNA expresses itself. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives”. Bruce Lipton, PhD.

It is a ground breaking approach to facilitate change at a Subconscious level. As we transform the disharmonious programming within our thoughts and mind, our body then produces the healing chemistry that matches our beliefs and we move into life-affirming experiences.

Traditional biology holds that cells communicate entirely with chemical signals, like hormones. But recent research shows there is a much faster means -- 100 times more efficient and infinitely quicker – by using electromagnetic energy signals. This is the same energy that makes up thought. The significance of this is that our interaction with the environment are not only based on direct experiences such as whether it is cold or hot out or how much serotonin is in our brain, but on our perceptions or beliefs, which trigger an almost instantaneous physiological response.

“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.” Napoleon Hill

PSYCH-K® can help you discover beliefs that contribute to your relapse and change them into recovery supporting beliefs quickly and easily. You can also create beliefs that support you in having healthy and loving relationships, reduce “emotional stress” and program your body and mind for optimal health and vitality, resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness, release subconscious resistance to experiencing your connection with your “Higher Power”, plus you can choose to create your own personal recovery beliefs to meet specific challenges in your recovery.

You can ‘Free Your Mind’ from the prison of unwanted attitudes and beliefs from your past that limit your success in recovery.

This is a process of personal awakening and spiritual discovery…a gentle reminder that you are the embodiment of the power you seek.

How does PSYCH-K® work?

It works by increasing the “cross talk” between the two brain hemispheres to achieve a “whole brain” state. This state is ideal for reducing resistance to changing subconscious beliefs. In this receptive state, new self-supporting beliefs can be laid down in the subconscious. New self-supporting behavior is generated thereafter from the new beliefs.

In addition, when right and left hemispheres of the brain are in simultaneous communication, the qualities and characteristics of both hemispheres are available to maximize your full response potential to recovery related and life’s challenges.

True creativity actually occurs when both sides of the Brain are working in collaboration.

One final point: PSYCH-K® is a vehicle for change. It’s like a car; it doesn’t decide where you should go, it just gets you there. In other words, PSYCH-K® doesn’t choose what you should believe. It helps you believe what you choose. So if you choose to remain clean and sober for life you can change the self limiting beliefs into recovery supporting beliefs easily and quickly. Recovery then can become ‘easy’ and ‘fun’ instead of a day to day struggle.

“If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

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