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The NEW Style of 12 Step Recovery

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Look, I’ve been clean and sober for 18 plus years, and in my opinion, that validates my opinions about recovery. And I have my own show, which is pretty awesome. So, here’s the dealiyo: 12 step recovery has changed, dramatically, over the last 18 years. I can’t imagine how much it’s changed in the 75 years, or so, that it’s been around. So, I’m writing this article, this month, to talk to you about the NEW STYLE of recovery.

Here are the main features:

1) Do it yourself; You have the power!

2. Pick and choose which principles you want to apply, and in which areas of life you apply them!

3. Don’t do the work if you’re having a hard time, or if you just don’t feel up to it!

4. Do part of your moral inventory now, and save the rest for when you have more clean and sober time!

5. Tell half of the truth to a human being, and tell the other half to God (or not, depending on your preference!)

6. Only work on the defects of character that you want to work on!

7. Keep the ones you like-- even if they hurt others!

8. Make “living amends” and don’t worry about admitting anything to any human being you have harmed!

9. If you really feel you owe an amends, send them a Facebook message from a fake account!

10. Continue old, destructive behavior-- and chalk it up to progress being just as good as perfection! Or better yet-- don’t even look at the behavior!

11. Gather an audience and talk incessantly about your problems-- in 12 step meetings and at coffee!

12. Work with others only when they specifically ask you to-- if nobody asks, you’re OFF THE HOOK!

Here’s another feature-- it’ll probably KILL YA!

It’s time to take it back to OLD SCHOOL RECOVERY, people. My opinion is, this new way of working “your” program is limiting, at best. And, we have no guarantee that this lackadaisical, meandering, interpretive, “modern” recovery works. On the other hand, the 12 steps that have been around for 75 years-- those work. And there are plenty of people around to prove it! So, my suggestion to you, my readers, is to grab yourself a mentor who knows the stuff; someone who applies it and works out of the literature that has helped millions recover from diseases of addiction. Grab that mentor and ask them how to do the work that will save your life. You’ll be glad you did.

Speaking of Old School Recovery-- that’s what we have on our show, only we’ve gone and made it cool! Join us on the site for some ridiculous 12 step recovery videos and really awesome recovery gifts!

Until next time-- don’t drink, drug, or try to off yourself.


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Episode 17: This "big book" people keep talking about- EDITED VERSION from

Comments (6)
6 Monday, 29 August 2011 16:42
Debi H
I have been following you for awhile, and you are just hilarious!!!I have worked with so many people who want to work the steps just as you discribed in the new way of recovery and oh gee they don't stick around very long.
I am so grateful for sponsors who work out of the book and apply the steps in their lives...You rock!!!

Thank you so much for proving we are not a glum lot

Bless you
Debi H
5 Tuesday, 28 December 2010 08:54
Thanks for your website.

I agree, it's in the book.

Been sober since 1987.

Thanks again,

Trish P W
4 Thursday, 09 December 2010 21:34
Bart M
You used the term "recovered" good for you, you read the book. Sadly, many people in 12 step mtgs missed that vital bit of experience from the first 100.
3 Tuesday, 09 November 2010 17:48
Maggie G.
I am so laughing!!!!! I wanted to go at you for what I perceived as a "slam" to online...then I read further.. and I was so laughing at myself.. and you.. and you..some more.. heh heh.. oh, and me,..and to be honest..a whole slew of other people..(guess I can work on that later tonight) It's in the book!!!

Blessings...silly girl..see ya around!!!

Maggie G.
San Diego, CA-USA
2 Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:52
Alan D.
I am fortunate to have been, and am still being, sponsored by a man who got sober in 1967 and got the AA Program the old way. In other words his sponsor did not pull any punches or worry about hurting his feelings in telling him the truth. He sponsored me the same way during my first few years of sobriety. He cared about me and invited me to functions at his house, but he never cut me any slack as far as working the steps goes. He told me he would help me all he could if I were willing to do my part, ie: complete the steps in order. He added that if I did not feel like working the steps to find another sponsor. Thank God he was tough on me. He has the classic 'Slap and tickle' technique down to a science. Thank you for another great article about AA.
1 Tuesday, 02 November 2010 11:28
Roy D
First time I caught your show. Episode 17. I thought it was very kool. I will recommend it to my sponoree's and others.

Good Job.
Roy D

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